Help & FAQs

  • Q.How many pieces of tile can an adult male break with a single blow?
    A.Vary with each individual. Basically, 7pcs to 8pcs.
  • Q.Can female and children smash through tiles too?
    A.Yes. For female, about 3pcs to 7pcs.
    For high-grade children in primary school, about 2pcs to 4pcs.
  • Q.I want to know if I will be hurt.
    A.You will be given a protective item in advance. Once your target tiles are in position, the staff will place a towel over the top to reduce impact. You will not be hurt when you have the proper stance and swing technique. Do not hit the outer edge of tiles, it might hurt you. Choose the number of tiles according to your abilities.
  • Q.Is advance booking provided?
    A.Advance booking is not provided at present. Please come to our store directly.